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Becoming the Good News!

3-DAy Weekend Brochure

Click here for PDF brochure

Hints for Printing and Printer Settings:

Orientation: Landscape
Scale to Fit: NO or none  (optionally Scale: 100%)
If you printer does Duplex printing, select "Short or Right Side Edge" Flip option 

If you have difficulty printing the brochure from within your browser or use the Chrome browser, please download the PDF file and print from your PDF reader.  (Adobe Acrobat on Windows, Preview on Mac) 
NOTE: Some printers have printable areas that do not allow the brochure to print accurately.

If you continue to have problems printing the correct orientation in duplex mode:

Try this version of the file -not available

Grouping Card:

You can print 3 grouping cards with this pdf:
(Print Double Sided, flip on long edge) 

Grouping or Reunion Card

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