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What is a Friendship Group Reunion?

On the Cursillo Weekend, we discover that it is possible to live Christianity in the world to the fullest degree by means of the Cursillo method.  This method proposes that we discover a small group of friends with whom we can share the lives we individually lead as Christians.  The basic duty then after leaving the Cursillo must be to find such a group of friends. 

We can define the reunion as a group of individuals who are friends because they are Christians; and who wish to become better friends to be better Christians, and be better Christians to become better friends.  Group Reunion is “friendship converted into permanent actual Grace.”

“The purpose of the groups is to make possible for each person what is necessary for all:  the normal, lasting and joyful living together of our lives as Christians.  To bring each Christian into a position of sanctifying power that will serve him as a driving force and measure for his Christian being.  Group Reunion is a reunion or relation of a natural instinct of each and every person."

Group Reunions are not merely to gather Cursillistas.  They have been creatd to be centered in a conversation about the presence of Christ in our lives.  That is the purpose of the questions on the Group Reunion Tri-fold*.  By answering the questions on the card, we will find that we have structured a conversation about Christ in our lives.  The reunions should guard against sharing things not centered in Christ.  To share things that are not centered in Christ can cause the group to converse in vain.

If you should need a new card; contact Cursillo section of Secretariat.

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