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What is School of Leaders?

The School of Leaders is not a school as one would normally think of it. In spite of its name, it is intended to be a place for every member of the Twin Cities Catholic Cursillo to participate. It's a place to find out what is happening and provide input and/or apply your gifts, available time, and desire to help in whatever way makes sense for you. In essence, it is a group of Cursillistas interested in helping Cursillo to fulfill its mission of building God's Kingdom in the Twin Cities. 

The School of Leaders offers a joyful and educational community experience where all can play a part in the success of Cursillo in the Twin Cities.  It is a place to take part in building God's Kingdom in many ways:

  • To promote and assure the authenticity and integrity (Charism) of the Cursillo Movement in its three phases - Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo and Post-Cursillo.
  • To help facilitate and enhance the process of welcoming and inviting new members (Pre-Cursillo), providing an effective and authentic 3 day encounter experience (Cursillo), and sustain and stimulate the Cursillio community with joyful and enriching 4th day experiences (Post-Cursillo).
  • To stimulate and activate servants to Cursillo by offering a wide variety of participation levels of service in all the areas of Twin Cities Catholic Cursillo without obligating or committing them to any specific activity.
  • To unify an active 4th day community that provides ongoing input and feedback on the effectiveness of Twin Cities Catholic Cursillo in its mission of building the kingdom of God.

All 4th day members are welcome, new Cursillistas and the seasoned.  We'd love to have you and look forward to seeing you.

Christ is counting on you!

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