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June 27, 2019 7:56 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Have you ever wondered why grouping is a part of so many of our Cursillo gatherings such as Ultreya, School of Leaders, team meetings and Secretariat? Cursillo is a journey of friendship which develops by spending time together, thereby providing others an opportunity to know us better. When we share our experiences, our ideals, our failures, our aspirations we deepen those friendships.

As a result of having lived a Cursillo weekend, we should be able to see Christ in every situation, every moment. Group reunions and grouping at various Cursillo gatherings, provide us with an opportunity to share how we have seen Christ and how we are leading others to Christ. The group reunion is a method for sharing the type of Christianity which we are living or are striving to live. It is friendship elevated to the highest level – friendship transformed into actual grace.

Grouping is the most important activity we do in Cursillo according to Cursillo literature.
“We must bear in mind that Group Reunions are not held so that there
may be people to attend the Cursillos, but the Cursillos are held so that there
may be people to make a Group Reunion.”

Eduardo Bonin, Bernardo Vadell, Francisco Forteza,
Cursillos in Christianity, Structure of Ideas (page 80).

The little orange book “THE REUNION OF THE GROUP” covers grouping in detail. You can get a copy from your Ultreya rep or at School of Leaders. From the book, our grouping should have 3 parts: The first part is based on sharing the Love of God: Piety, Closest Moment, Study and Action. The second part is based on Love of Neighbor: Apostolic Success, Failure and Was the Apostolic Plan of the Previous Week Fulfilled? The third part is The Plan: What are we going to do in the coming week?

Group reunions should meet regularly. Weekly grouping is recommended because our spiritual life needs regular nourishment. The group members should be serious and sincere in their sharing. The group reunion isn’t intended to be a social hour. Confidentiality is crucial so that group members may share openly and honestly without concern that what is shared will be spread to others. Changing or omitting the names in someone’s sharing and then repeating it, breaks that confidentiality. Please do not share anything from your group.

If we are truly living the Cursillo method, great personal effort is required. Christian living is not a spectator sport; rather, it is an adventure which at times, requires boldness. If your group is not working out for you, perhaps it is time to change groups. Honesty with the existing group about your need to grow in a different direction should be shared with that group. We challenge you to review your group. Our group reunion should be something we look forward to each week. It should be a gathering of very honest friends, who help us stay focused on what is truly important.

May we each continue to grow through this journey of friendship.

De Colores,

Tom and Diane Repucci 

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