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Deep, Spiritual Growth

August 31, 2017 8:41 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Why do you attend group every week? As we asked last month, is it to feel good about what you are doing, about spending time with your best Cursillo friends, to stay firmly seated in your comfort zone?

At a palanca mass in July, Fr. Sullivan spoke about God’s relationship with us and our relationship with God. If we are sharing the deep, personal stuff of our lives with our groupies in light of how we do our piety, study and action we, and they, should be seeing where God is at work in all the situations of life.

Fr. Mike talked about the “garbage” times in life---we all have them and often they are things that catch us totally off guard and make us reorder our life in some way to accommodate the garbage. In the reordering, what are we learning? Where do we see God at work? And are we cooperating with His plan?

Everyone’s inclination is to side-step difficulties as much or as often as possible. But as Fr. Mike pointed out, God is in a relationship with us. He is invested in us, in our individual lives and our community lives. As we work our way through a difficult time, do we turn to God and place our faith in Him for His will and our part in that? Or do we struggle more by trying to stay in our comfort zone?

If we are able to see God in the garbage times of life, we can gain insight and wisdom into God, ourselves, and our environments. In this kind of growth we change, and in the change we become better people. We can begin to see God in new ways and at a whole new level we have not experienced before. He is bigger than we can begin to imagine. Seeing God in new ways can go on indefinitely. His comfort zone is endless.

Sharing these kinds of revelations is very personal. It is the best use of sharing piety, study, and action. Not only have you grown, but there is an opportunity for groupies to grow as well, and just imagine what a new person could contribute to the group.

By practicing this sharing in group, we become more confident to share with others in the broader Cursillo community, and beyond to people who are not Cursillistas. This sharing of God working in your life is true apostolic action.

Your testimony of God working and changing your life is the light of Christ proclaimed. Everyone who hears your witness has their level of God-experience elevated. And the opportunity to grow and change and become better persons extends outward like ripples in a pond. In this we continue to find deep, spiritual growth.

God bless you friends!

Larry & Jeanne Bendzinski

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