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A Glimpse of Heaven (my healing mass experience)

April 27, 2017 10:44 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Father Livingston to me seemed like any other priest, funny and very personable. Hearing him explain the mass was soothing, what struck me the most was not to be afraid, what could happen and about our hands being the instruments of healing.

I turned around as two friends were sitting behind me, about 3 rows back. And I ironically thought both were friends I had invited. Funny how they had sat next to each other.

It was my turn to take a spot at the altar and I remember my friend in-structing me to stand very close. And then it started. I remember looking at the young woman to my right and smiling encouragement, as I was just as scared.

I then looked at the altar and then felt the sensation coming towards me. It was as if there was this massive cloud like being enveloped in a fog. But it was very comforting and peaceful and the most amazing blue with white clouds. And it kept coming closer and closer. I was already starting to drift and then Father was right in front of me and then I remember thinking I surrender. I don’t remember Father laying hands on top of my head but I do remember feeling as if I was lifted up. I had surrendered. I wanted to be with him and then I was in another place.

It was like I was among the clouds and the sky was the most beautiful blue. And I was laughing, giggling and so happy. I have never felt such delight. And I felt no pain in my body, nor did I feel any of the hurt from the abuse I had experienced in the past. I heard nothing that was going on near me. I was with him. I wanted to stay and not go back. He was watch-ing me and I could feel this immense love. And it was as if he had given me back my childhood and I was so happy. The Joy is hard to describe other than lots of giggling and happiness to be with him. And I felt like I was skipping and jumping for joy.

And then it was as if I had felt his love and he knew that I truly believed in him. And then I was back, I remember moving my legs, touching my head as I laid on the floor. And sitting up and I was back.

I managed to get back to the pew as I was crying with immeasurable energy and shaking going through my body. That night at home I felt a joy that I wanted to share with everyone. Energized, not tired but feeling such joy. I truly believe I was given a glimpse of heaven.

An Anonymous 4th dayer

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