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No Fool’in

March 27, 2018 7:23 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

If you have the same feeling as me, you are glad that winter has now “passed over,” that some of the earliest flowers will open, dawn occurs earlier each day, and we thank God for spring.” Pasch, April, and Easter all have their roots in this theme of spring when we celebrate the resurrection and life of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. I can even make a case that Easter is appropriately on April Fool’s Day.

Pasch is the word most traditionally used for Easter in memory of our Jewish roots through the Aramaic word pasha meaning “pass over,” thus celebrating Jesus as the new paschal lamb through which all of us can be reconciled and made whole as we come ever closer to being in full communion with God. The word Easter creeps in with its Old English and Germanic pagan roots (eastre) for a Goddess of the spring and (austron) for dawn respectively. Anglo-Saxon Christians adopted the name, and many of the practices for the Mass of Christ’s resurrection, thus fully transforming that which was pagan to the high point of the Christian liturgical year.

Hopefully during this 50 day Easter season we can be more open (root meaning of the word April) to the reality of the resurrected Jesus as we once again sing Alleluia in “praise of Jehovah” for the grace given to us through the Son. In fleshing out the root meaning of the words we commonly use this time of year, it is far more important that each one of us not only wrap our heads around a resurrected Son of God, but also become the flesh and bone of Jesus’ presence in the world as the Body of Christ.

So, if I have a vote for anything to be fools about this Easter, I vote that we be fools for Jesus.

Dn Mick Humbert 

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