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Becoming the Good News!


May 26, 2019 11:25 AM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Leader. What does that word conjure up in your mind? Fearless champion?

Confident proponent of a worthy cause?

On the second day of the three day Cursillo, the Leaders rollo is given. In that rollo, we learn that a leader is someone who helps bring about the Christian transformation of society.

From the Leaders outline, we learn of four supernatural qualities of a leader; faith, humility, hope and love. We all need to practice living a bold faith, trusting in the grace of God, knowing that we are instruments of God. We can expect that God will provide us with everything we need, if we have given our utmost effort. With humility, we have awareness that we are the Lord’s instruments. Our talents have been given to us by God so that we may put them to use for Him. Hope, as a supernatural quality, is a virtue that increases when all human hope ends. Christian love seeks to find the good in others. All of these qualities are important in helping us to live out our baptismal call of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

One definition of a leader is someone who can influence others. When viewed with that definition, we are all leaders. Think about the people you encounter on a daily basis: your family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Many, if not all of the aforementioned, are people that you may influence.

In our families, how are we transforming our family into the family of God? Do we exhibit Christian living by praying daily, attending Mass, receiving the sacraments, helping others, being generous with our time, talent and treasure? In the workplace, do we exhibit the qualities of a Christian by not participating in gossip or conversation that demeans others? Do we give our employer an honest day’s work? In our neighborhood, are we a good neighbor by helping others in their time of need and by welcoming newcomers?

Being a leader doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes. Rather, our mistakes provide us with an opportunity to humbly acknowledge our error and correct our course. At a leadership meeting we recently attended, the speaker said “Failure
is the breakfast of champions.” Through our failures, we experience humility and acquire knowledge which can ignite our desire to do better as we go forward.

You are a Christian leader, whether you want to be or not. Anyone who knows you attend church will view you differently from others. Remember, your best leadership may be the example you set for other people as you live your daily life. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the supernatural qualities of a leader. All of your actions can help other people recognize God every day.

Cursillo and the Leaders Rollo call us to fully live out our Baptismal call. The world will receive the good news through lives that radiate the joy, peace and love of Christ.


Tom and Diane Repucci 

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