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Welcome to our Sisters in Christ!

June 27, 2018 9:58 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

The first Vietnamese women’s weekend in the Twin Cities was held last month. Twenty five women were welcomed into the Cursillo community at the Clausura. In the past, the Vietnamese community would send their candidates to California, Texas or another state to attend a weekend. For the May 31 – June 3 weekend the team flew here. Twenty nine women flew in from California and Boston to serve on the team. Fr. Dau Vu traveled from Missouri to serve as the spiritual director. In addition, twelve women and three clergy from the Twin Cities served on the team.

The commitment of the Vietnamese community is due to the metanoia which all of us have experienced on our weekends and again on the weekends we have worked. It takes the work of many people, along with hours of planning and preparation, to offer a Cursillo weekend, so that others may encounter the great love that Jesus has for each of us.

Ten of us from the English Cursillo community attended the Clausura. We felt privileged to be in attendance. We arrived during the witnessing, most of which was spoken in Vietnamese. Although we didn’t understand the words spoken in Vietnamese, it was evident that the Holy Spirit had touched the candidates and had an impact on the women.

In one of the witnesses, spoken in English, we heard “Now that I know, I can’t go back.” This young lady was referring to her life before her encounter with Jesus. She couldn’t go back to living her life as though she didn’t know what she had learned on her weekend. Perhaps that is how many of us felt after living our Cursillo weekend. When we encountered Christ on the Cursillo weekend, we became more aware of how much He loves us. We were reminded of our Baptismal call to share Christ’s love with others.

For the two of us, this awaking or metanoia, meant that we were called to spend more time in prayer, learn more about our Catholic faith, and share our faith with others with the intention of leading others closer to Christ. We couldn’t return to our life, living as we did before that encounter.

After the witnessing, we all went over to the Church for prayers, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and singing. It was mostly in Vietnamese, although, some parts were translated for our benefit. During the ceremony they honored the Cursillistas who had lived their weekends in Vietnam and continued sponsoring after they arrived here, in their new community.

Certainly the sharing of faith and leading others to Christ is taking place in the Vietnamese community. The commitment of time, energy, and love for others was crucial to bringing the Women’s Vietnamese weekend to fruition. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Vietnamese community.

Yours in Christ,

Tom & Diane Repucci 

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