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Walking With a Friend

May 24, 2018 9:40 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

We recently attended the Region VI Spring Encounter in Nebraska.The theme this year was sponsoring, where we were reminded of some of the basics. All Cursillistas are welcome to attend the Regional Encounters which are held twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

The Cursillo method is centered on friendship. Before sponsoring a candidate, you should know the person very well. If the person is someone you haven’t known for very long, get to know them by spending more time with them. Establish a relationship with them. Be sincere and authentic. By spending time with your friend, you will have the opportunity to share your personal witness.

Show your friend, by how you live, how to be a Christian. Tell them about group reunion and Ultreya. Invite your friend to join your group and to attend Ultreya, before they live a Cursillo weekend. Yes, people who haven’t lived a Cursillo weekend are welcome to join a Cursillo group and attend Ultreya. The purpose of Cursillo is to communicate the good news of God’s love to others, primarily to those who are far away. Potential candidates don’t need to wait until after their Cursillo weekend to experience small groups and Ultreya.

Provide your candidate with information about the Cursillo weekend such as the multiple talks over three days, table discussions, chapel visits and the opportunity to receive the sacraments of Confession and Eucharist. A Cursillo rochure used in the Wichita diocese has a very short description of each of the talks. Do you remember them all? Ideal, Habitual Grace, Layperson in the Church, Actual Grace, Piety, Study, Sacraments, Action, Obstacles to a Life of Grace, Leaders, Study of the Environment, Life in Grace, Christianity in Action and Total Security. The list of the talks is on the website: Weekends -> Weekend Activity Schedule. Share all of this with your friend.

One presenter at the Regional Encounter recommended knowing the candidate for at least a year before sponsoring them. We knew our sponsors for several years prior to our Cursillo weekend. We sponsored someone that we knew for only a short amount of time and, due to health issues we did not know about, the candidate was unable to complete the weekend. There is wisdom in the recommendation of knowing someone prior to sponsoring them.

The last talk presented a three step process. First make a friend, then take them on the weekend, and finally maintain your friendship, grouping with them and attending Ultreya with them. Each of these steps is important. Together, they provide Total Security.

All are invited to attend both the fall Region VI Encounter in Hankinson, ND, September 28 –30, and the National Encounter in Seattle, WA August 16 - 19. For more information contact us.

Yours in Christ,

Tom & Diane Repucci

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