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Practicing Piety, Study, and Apostolic Action

November 30, 2017 7:42 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Our speaking assignment for November School of Leaders was to tell how serving as Lay Directors impacted our piety, study, and apostolic action. Here are a few of the thoughts we shared.


After being invited, our prayer time involved discerning if we really were called to the role of Lay Directors. Following spiritual director guidance, the process we followed was simple, but knowing the outcome was God’s will for us was scary. We were being totally open to what that might be.

The answer “yes” came with relief, giddy joy, and no small amount of fear. To serve, we gave up, at least temporarily, other activities and ministries. We began putting all our trust in the Lord. His plan was revealed a little at a time throughout our term.

Prayer became constant in the back of our minds. Thoughts and words were brief and simple, but their depth increased because our experience of God increased. We felt the prayers of all of you for us and Twin Cities Cursillo. We saw living proof of answered prayer all the time.


Over time, our study seemed to split into areas that best used our individual gifts. One of us loved the history and structure of how the Charism of Cursillo came to be, the other studied the environments of Secretariat, School of Leaders, and Cursillo locally and regionally. We shared what we thought and learned making our team of two stronger.

We used what we learned about make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ in the 4th day community--folks who know and love Jesus. Studying different 4th day environments went to a deeper level. Nothing we worked on could have been accomplished without being sincerely interested in the people we were working with and reliance on the Holy Spirit.


We represent Twin Cities Cursillo to the 4th day community, to the entire Archdiocese, and everyone else we encounter. Through your prayers, we are strengthened to share about Cursillo. Every time we talk about Cursillo to someone it becomes our favorite experience. Working with Secretariat, the School of Leaders, doing Closura talks, and writing Kindling articles are additional ways we shared the love of Christ.

Saying yes to this role became a blessing in our lives. We work together better, our knowledge and love of Cursillo continues to grow, we appreciate the gifts and talents of others, we more easily see Christ in everyone, and simply love people more because of His presence.

Every challenge that we took to Christ first was solved, and we were given an unexpected blessing, sometimes more than one. It has been an honor to serve Twin Cities Cursillo as Lay Directors. Thank you for all your support, especially your prayers.

Our term will close at the end of the month. Please welcome, and hold in your prayers, Tom and Diane Repucci as the next Lay Directors.

God bless you friends!

Larry & Jeanne Bendzinski

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