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Priest, Prophet, King

June 29, 2017 8:53 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Last weekend, a number of us visited two different parishes, St. Austin’s and St. Bridget’s, both in north Minneapolis. These are the parishes Fr. Paul Jarvis serves. He is interested in bringing Cursillo to these communities so we attended and spoke to parishioners. Fr. Paul will be serving on the men’s team this month.

During mass we were privileged to witness the baptism of baby Jack. Fr. Paul very clearly anointed Jack as priest, prophet, and king. During our own baptisms, we each were anointed priest, prophet, and king. What does that mean to us now as mature Catholic adults?

John baptized Jesus with water, but God anointed him with the Holy Spirit as His chosen One established as priest, prophet, and king (CCC 783). In his role as priest, Jesus lived in his holiness and oneness with God. Jesus was a prophet sharing the wisdom and love of God with everyone. Jesus was a king, not the conventional definition of king in his culture, but a king who understands his role in caring for and guiding his people toward the right path—that of love, forgiveness, and truth.

When we were baptized we became disciples, followers of Jesus. We are to live our life as priest, prophet, king just as Jesus did. As Cursillistas we have learned tools to help us align our lives to our anointing. Beginning with our 3-Day Encounter where we learned about ourselves, Jesus, and community, we were prepared to make changes in our lives to better live up to our baptismal call to discipleship.

Our personal practices of piety, study, and action strengthen our role as priest. We see God at work on all areas of our lives. We are holy, as God is holy (Lev.19:2).

Practicing the Cursillo method of grouping and Ultreya gives us communities to share the life journey of discipleship. Together we share our successes, failures, obstacles, learned wisdom, and understanding of truth. We keep returning to the central truth in our lives: God loves us and through the sacrifice of His son Jesus we have eternal salvation.

These ongoing personal and community experiences lead us more easily into discipleship, the practice of our kingship. We are convicted and strengthened to support and journey with all who become friends. This level of action through time, patience, and prayer eventually becomes our apostolic action. Prophetically, we tell our friends they are fully loved by God and saved from their sins through the death of Jesus.

It was delightful to welcome baby Jack into our Christian family. As Cursillistas, we know he will have a lifetime to love and be loved by our generous God, as we all live out our anointed roles of priest, prophet, king.

God bless you friends!

Larry & Jeanne Bendzinski

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