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Cooking for Christ

October 28, 2019 9:24 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

I lived my Cursillo Weekend in March of 2019. I experienced God’s love in such a prolific way that I felt called to reciprocate by being part of the Summer Women’s Weekend Team. Little did I know when I submitted my application that this call was not only a call to serve, but an invitation to deepen my faith by working with an amazing and supportive Cursillo Community which deeply propelled my faith journey.

I was invited to be part of the kitchen team which was perfect for me; not because I am a great cook, but because there is such a variety of responsibilities that would allow me to serve well in this position. Preparing for a Cursillo weekend begins with formation. As I attended my first meeting feeling a little anxious and like a newbie; “What did appear before my wondering eyes?” No! Not 8 tiny reindeers! But two of my Cursillista sisters from my/our weekend. One being a tablemate that I bonded with and genuinely admired for her faith at such a young age and the other who spoke God’s truth eloquently and had much spiritual wisdom. Oh and we were all on the Kitchen Team. As a good friend of mine says; “This was not a coincidence.” During formation I was able to connect and get to know many fellow Cursillistas. Our Kitchen Team Coordinators were strong leaders who shared the importance of our role in the weekend and also conveyed that we too would have time to pray, grow spiritually, and bond. Their fun spirit shined through and they noted that while we had hard work to do, we would have a great time as well. (We received beautiful aprons printed with; “Cooking for Christ!” )

The weekend arrived and it was remarkable! Our coordinators arranged times throughout our weekend to join the Palanca team in praying the rosary, joyful song, and scripture. We ended each evening with them. What a joyous way to enter sleep each night! The women on these teams are incredible faith filled women and it was a privilege to serve with them.

Additionally, our coordinators led us in blessing the two kitchens we utilized and presented us with turns to lead daily reflection and prayer before each of our meals together. A precious moment of the weekend was during a tired stretch; we took a break to pray “The Divine Mercy Chaplet.” in song. It was beautiful, energizing, and a very close moment with God.

Working a Cursillo Weekend is a call to action to serve others by showing kindness, care, encouragement, and Christ’s love to those on the weekend. The candidates were wrapped in God’s love by the entire team. Jesus tells us how important it is to serve others. What is miraculous is that in serving others with a happy and loving heart we realize that we are the ones blessed beyond belief! We feel a rewarding sense of fulfillment that comes from serving Him through serving others. We encounter Jesus’ love as we share our lives with those we set out to serve. I find this both thought-provoking and marvelous.

If you are looking for a way to encounter God’s love, I encourage you to work a weekend or volunteer in another capacity. Serving others is a way to make it real in your life and in the lives of others. Will you let me be your servant. Let me be as Christ to you... Listen to this song and reflect on what God is calling you to do…..

Thank you God for all that you have given me through my Cursillo journey.

Lynne Patterson 

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