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We are Beloved Daughters – Weekend 372

April 25, 2019 9:06 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Because you are precious in my eyes, and glorious.
And because I love you. Isaiah 43:4

The women’s weekend 372 was a witness to the power of Christian friendship and love. We were all called to be on this weekend at that particular time and place. Whether candidate, sponsor or team member, each had a part to play in God’s plan to grow in faith by our witness to each other on Weekend 372. It was beautiful to watch the quietness and anticipation of Thursday turn quickly to a joyful noise in the coming days. We were women growing in love with Christ, for each other and ourselves.

The women’s weekend began with a feeling of anticipation and maybe some worries of what we left behind at home, or at work, and thoughts of what really was to come of the weekend. The days evolved with many talks, prayer, conversation, food, tears and laughter. The Prayer team and those who prayed and sacrificed, transformed us, in doing so. The Rollo team added to our shared learning of our faith and the ability to see God’s plan and how it manifests differently in each of us depending on where we are planted, where we live out God’s mission. Our time in the Rollo room provided great discussion allowing a shared and maybe renewed or enlightened, understanding of our Catholic faith. Our discussions and posters allowed each of us to remember and realize the many ways Christ works in our lives. Many were touched by spontaneous prayer for those in difficult situations and by our shared time of prayer during our reconciliation.

The Chaska GA prayer shawl ministry surprised us with a prayer shawl for each candidate and they were literally wrapped in love and prayer. Our kitchen team and the facility liaisons made the weekend extra special by serving wonderful meals and providing a place to pray, discuss, discern, eat, sleep, laugh and cry. We were served by all with great love. All of this together brought deeper meaning to “De Colores,” as the many colors of
our spirit filled community came together for Weekend 372. One important message that resonated throughout our time together was “We are God’s beloved daughters.” We are all wonderfully chosen, different and precious to God. We each have a unique mission and a unique story. Sometimes our story is not an easy one or a happy one. We make mistakes, and others may make choices or decisions that impact us. But… we can all find joy in being chosen by God to live with Him and for Him, no matter our circumstances, or our particular life story. We all have God’s grace to strengthen us. We all have the gift of God’s mercy to renew us. We all have God’s love to comfort us when others may not. And we all have new sisters and brothers in Christ to lean on for prayer and support.

We have hope.

We are God’s beloved.

Laurie Forner 

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