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Finding God on the Lightrail

March 27, 2019 10:29 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Since 2003 I have had the privilege of using public transportation, using a combination of buses, the Northstar and the Lightrail to get to and from work (which is currently the VA Medical Center).

Being a part of this 'public transportation community' is a wonderful way to step out of my sheltered neighborhood into the heartbeat of the city. I have had several powerful experiences/lessons over the years, of which one follows.

The doors opened at the US Bank Stadium and a young man got on with a handful of 8 1/2 x 11" flyers. He began soliciting for money, and signatures, to allow for skate boarding expeditions to take place on the stadium mall. I was having a difficult time understanding him due to the speed he was talking and the Chicago dialect.

I heard a woman's voice from across the aisle say, "I barely have enough money to buy food but I think I have a quarter." I turned and watched this 'living on the street toughened face' woman as she rifled through her wallet. She pulled out two quarters and gave them to the young man saying "good luck with what you're trying to do." I was dumb founded and recalled the story from Mark about the 'widow's mite.'

I couldn't keep silent because my heart was bursting with excitement of what I was seeing so I slid across the aisle and looked into her eyes saying, "that is one of the most beautiful things I have seen" and began to tell her the story from the Bible when a poor woman gave two small coins to the temple treasury and how Jesus said that she gave more than the large amount that many rich people were giving. I told her that I witnessed that story in real life through what she just did. The woman paused and then became animated while explaining that she had not heard a story from the Bible in a long time and how good it felt.

I looked around me and there were several other people observing the conversation. I'm telling you, I was standing on holy ground, and it was in a train. Truly God was present.

Therese Frederick 

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