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Our Discernment Story

December 20, 2018 3:33 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Michael - A funny thing happened on the way to Adoration last August. As we pulled into the church parking lot, Jane Marie received a phone call from Justine Bojan shortly before joining me inside. And then Jane Marie gave me the news that we’d been invited to consider accepting the role of assistant lay directors for Twin Cities Cursillo. That changed my focus for the following hour and into the coming weeks. Mostly, I felt surprised and then ran through a mental list of all the candidates whom should be asked long before ourselves. Then I thought through all the excuses that came to mind, the reasons why we couldn’t say yes at this time. We prayed and talked, and talked and prayed. We met with Justine and Bill Bojan to learn more about this position. So we talked and prayed some more and went into the Adoration chapel again. Someplace in there we had to quiet down and listen without putting up excuses. One day I tried to enumerate the reasons why we should decline or at least postpone accepting this position. When I stated them out loud and pictured myself having a conversation with God and telling Him why I thought we ought to decline, well, no excuse held any water. So as much as I feel like I should be sitting at the children’s table at a Thanksgiving dinner, it just might be the time to accept this call to step up and serve our Twin Cities Cursillo community. I shared my thoughts with Jane Marie.

Jane Marie – After I received the call inviting Michael and I to be the next Assistant Lay Directors, I was very surprised. As in other times when I have been called into service of some kind, I had been recently hearing the Holy Spirit prompting me as I spent time in my quiet prayer that there was something He was going to call me to do. The day before, I had prayed a prayer of surrender to whatever He was prompting me to. I had just recently been called into serving as the Chair of our Parish Council so I couldn’t imagine what else He wanted me to do. When Justine called, I knew that is what I needed to consider but I wondered if Michael would be up to the role. Mike is pretty quiet and prefers the background whereas I have a more outgoing personality. In our role as Ultreya Reps for Southeast Metro, we have been having Mike be the spokesperson at the meetings to help him with this. He has been doing a good job. I went into the adoration chapel that evening surrendering the decision again. I told Michael that I recognize that he may find this a challenging role and that I would support whatever decision he felt called to and step up with him. I told him that I was comfortable either way. Then honestly, I didn’t worry about it. I didn’t expect him to say yes but I was open if he did.

When God calls, we answer. God owns 24 hours a day and He decides for the most part how we use the day. He has blessed us so abundantly. We look forward to our role of assistant lay directors in 2019 serving with and learning from Tom and Diane Repucci and all those on Secretariat. We also look forward to our role as lay directors in 2020 and 2021. We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve a community that we love. Won’t you come and serve with us? There are many leadership positions throughout Cursillo. Let’s make a friend, be a friend and bring a friend to Christ.

Peace be with you.

Michael & Jane Marie Rief 

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