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The Visit

November 29, 2018 10:00 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

He came to me today
There was no sound
Like He was already there

There was no movement
Save for the opening of my eyes
The still, small voice
“Sometimes when your eyes are closed,
You hear only you.”

Today the wind is my instrument
Our gaze will meet in the movement of my creation

The poem is in the trees
The leaves touched by their
Friend, the wind

The song on the glittering water
Hides the mysteries in its depths

A leaf bounces across the tips of the grass
Swept along
No control of its path to an unseen destination
The journey is a gentle taunting, imitating
My life, sometimes
I’ve learned to find trust at the end of sometimes

He came today to push me out to the deeper water
It was more like a nudge
The deeper water I’ve learned
Is where I learn

I turned to look in the direction of the nudge
On either side of Him, like sentries in each hand
Were the oars
“You won’t need these”, he laughed
Just trust

Today the drifting is peaceful
The surface calm
The wind but a breath across my cocoon
But what of the days when the deep water turns

With the silence unpierced
The so still, so small voice brushed my drum
“Ask Peter”

He came to me today
There was no sound
Like He was already there

Eric Volden 

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