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Reading Between the Signs

October 25, 2018 6:16 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

Shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I felt God asking me to share my journey with others. For what reason, I did not know at the time. As I continued on my journey, I would feel that call again and again, about sharing my story and finally, when I could not deny His will for me, I began to gather my journals and choose stories that documented not only my cancer journey, but, ultimately, my faith journey. God wanted me to share my journey with Him, with others. So, I did.

Reading Between the Signs is my faith journey through cancer and it has been one of many blessings that I received by saying ‘yes’ to Him. Although I had published a book previous to Reading Between the Signs, (Mommy’s Hats), that experience wasn’t a typical one, so I didn’t really have much experience in publishing. I left that up to God. I prayed that He would guide me in the direction I should go, from which scripture passages I should use all the way to the publisher that He placed on my path. Since its release, I have also been open to God’s will as to how to market the book. He has led me to many opportunities for which I am very grateful.

The events that I have spoken at and have books for sale may not always be the most profitable in book sales, but I continue to be richly blessed by the people I meet and the conversations I have with them about their journeys. Personal connections are far more important than books sales.

I love hearing what people think about my book and I would like to share a few comments that I have heard:

“It was like a mini-retreat!”

“The scripture passages fit perfectly with your story.”

“It was like I was reading my own story.”

“I had to stop reading because I couldn’t read through my tears.”

“I’ve walked this journey with you and yet, there were still intimate moments that I had no idea happened.”

Each time someone tells me their thoughts of the book, they usually follow it up with a comment saying that they know someone else who would benefit from reading it. That is the best comment I could hear and I’m sure that is what makes God happy, too. He wants us to spread the word that He is with us always and that there is so much joy to experience, even through difficult times.
I love sharing my faith with others and if you think that hearing my journey may benefit a group in your parish, I would love to visit. You can reach me at

May God bless you on your faith journey!

Rhonda Zweber 

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