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A Generational Close Moment

September 28, 2017 7:58 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

We had the opportunity and delight to spend a month in Washington D.C. taking care of our granddaughter. We have long desired to be grandparents and feel the grace of God’s love and enjoy the opportunity to share in His Good News.

Our time there began with our granddaughter’s Baptism. Extended family came from across the country to celebrate. Corrina Marie was baptized in Christ wearing a white gown first worn by one of my ancestors 102 years ago. It has been passed down through generations of faith and worn by at least 14 from my family including me. The witness of those who had established foundations of faith and wore this same garment as an outward sign of the dignity of a life in Christ, shown brightly and Corrina Marie was full of Joy. The candle that our son, as Godfather, received for her and lit as the light of Christ carried with it his responsibility and commitment to carry that light for her throughout his life.

As we reflect on that day in relation to our recent 4th Day Encounter that focused on our Baptismal vows as Cursillistas, we see clearly our responsibility and commitment to be witnesses of faith with our lives. Like our granddaughter and all the witnesses of faith through the generations before her, we seek to live out the roles of Priest (sacrifice for others), Prophet (sharing the Good News), and King (service to those present with us). We pray that the grace filled waters of Baptism will help her and all of us to flow with love in the chaos of life. We pray that in her life, while she may have to die to many things, she will turn to Christ and His Body, present to her, that will help her rise to new life in Him.

As we cared, fed and played with our precious granddaughter all of these things came to life in the unknown possibilities for the future of God’s Kingdom in her. The Family of Faith is made powerful and everlasting through the presence of God with us. In the Spirit of Baptism we pass it on to all in our path, present and future.

There is new life in all the close moments of our lives shared in grace. May you and your families be contagious with them.

God’s grace in abundance to you all,

Ro Weldon

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