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Encountering an Angel:

August 31, 2017 8:51 PM | Cursillo Communications (Administrator)

I recently had the privilege of serving as proctor for weekend 364. If you are ever invited to “work” this position, say, “Yes, my Lord!” immediately! You will see the weekend from a very different vantage point. Plus, you get your own room : )

By the end of clausura, when excitement peeks, exhaustion began to set in. I averaged 19,000 steps daily, and I even had a cool golf cart to make the trek from church to school most of the time! (perhaps I’m not very efficient)

Everything needed to be packed up for the trailer, or home, so I went to my bedroom to begin the collection process. If you are familiar with St Mike’s setup, you will know that my “bedroom” was up a stairway, down a little hallway, to a room overlooking the gym…not exactly the room people just happen to walk by.

As I collected my personal effects, and began trip one to my car, a cursillista showed up. “Would you like some help?” she asked. In typical MN fashion I began to say “No, I got this.”, but instead said, “Yes, please! How did you even find me?”

I’m not sure she had an answer. We gathered the bags and together made it a one-trip event. What a relief that was.

Next stop, rollo room to put away the 3-legged stool and other effects of the weekend. I was faced with the question of what to do with the extra bibles and Pilgrim’s guides. I voiced this question to no one in particular. There were many liaison team members making quick work of the tear-down of the rollo room. The very same person “just happened” to be one of them. She said, “I’ll take them, and take care of it.” I thought, wow, interesting how she happened to be here, too.

Finally, after visiting with a few new 4th day, hugging many friends, and absorbing the last bits of love from the weekend, it was time to get the car and head to the kitchen for the last of the personal items. I found the box labelled for me in the back room of Archangels Hall. I also found a few items left from Agape that I knew needed to go to the trailer…parked back by the school. By now you may guess who was there to take the items from my hands, smile, and let me know that she would be happy to deliver them to the trailer. The very same person!

When I got home and settled in for a long Epsom soaking, it all came together. God had provided an angel to help me. Three times! I encountered an angel three times! Truly the hands and feet of Jesus helping me along my way. ~

Lois Vold

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